Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 01: Your favourite song

Okej jag antar att vi är överens om att det här är en omöjlig uppgift. Bra. Jag tänkte att vi börjar storartat med en av mina absoluta favoritlåtar of-all-time-alla-kategorier-villkorslöst. Det är en låt av Muse (surprise surprise) som av MuseWiki ("coming in YOUR cave since 1996") beskrivs såhär:

A blend of baroque melody, high pitched vocals and metal. Matthew Bellamy uses falsetto and whistle register vocals peaking at G5 during the chorus and Ab5 in descending vocals towards the end. Matt has said the song was inspired by a dream he had in which he was in a desert and there were giant blades swinging from the sky. "Micro Cuts" has been speculated to have been inspired by Prelude N°3 in D minor (BWV999) by Johann-Sebastian Bach.

Den är cirka tio år gammal och finns på Origin of Symmetry, en skiva som det lönar sig att riktigt köpa med egna pengar. Senast den spelades live var i Brisbane 2007 but a girl can dream ni vet.

Man kan njuta av den här tidiga versionen och sedan kan man lyssna på den slutliga versionen. Man kan också dela med sig av sina egna favoritlåtar i kommentarerna. Tacktack!


Himmelske Danser said...

Did he actually said - I can't remember the name? %)
What can I say "a lot if it's not in swedish =)"
It is one of the most expressionistic songs in the history of music! Who wants to argue with me? ;)It has so much passion so it doesn't even sound like something that human being can produced! I know that it was your favorite from the beggining... and all this story with you and Muse - heh, I'm bloody proud of myself!
PS Sometimes I think - he can actually sing whatever but we won't get it...

Fridolina said...

It didn't have a name then! ;) Hehe, it would be interesting to see you argue with someone about it but unfortunately on this blog it could be difficult to find someone willing ;) Cause I totally agree with everything you say on this subject of course. Actually I didn't listen to this song from the beginning, I discovered it during my "Origin of Symmetry period", and that was about a year later I think. My first love was Absolution, which you probably remember ;)

Martin said...

Jag äger faktiskt den skivan, låten Bliss är kanske den enda Muse-låt som jag lyssnat mycket på.

Svårt det där med favoritlåt. Beror nog på humöret. Jag har alltid tyckt att den här indiepopklassikern är en tiopoängare:


Jag lyssnar ofta på den här mainstreamjazzen också:


Fridolina said...

JA! :) Och Bliss är ju fantastisk! Håller också med om att den där indiepopklassikern är en tiopoängare. Den är riktigt fin. Ska lyssna på mainstreamjazzen nu, den verkar intressant, och jag har hört namnet förr iaf! ;)

Himmelske Danser said...

Yes, of course, I remember Absolution and your empty new room =) I think (I think!) I ment your Origin of symmetry time, because it took me much longer to understand this song and you were in love with immidiately! And seems like it's not a bad love =)

Fridolina said...

Mmhm, definitely not bad love! And sometimes love gets a bit rough ;)