Sunday, July 24, 2016


  "Okay," I said slowly. "Can we talk? Do you have some time?"
  Griff lifted his big, bearded chin toward the sky and sighed, as if I had just asked for the moon. Then he pinned me with a big, ornery stare. "Time is pretty scarce, seeing as I gotta pull your car out of that ditch, too. And your tire is probably toast. I have to mow, inspect the fences, milk the cows and slaughter a pig. I have to interview a drug addict and check my apples. But then, maybe. After that."

Säga vad man vill om Sarina Bowen (och jag är ju, som sagt, både kluven till och beroende av hennes böcker) men jag tyckte att hennes Bittersweet var riktigt bra i beskrivningarna av jordbrukarlivet.

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