Friday, August 13, 2010


I senaste numret av Q finns en alldeles underbar samling låtar som utger sig för att vara The Ultimate Playlist och eftersom jag är hemskt svag för alla möjliga slags Ultimata Listor, särskilt playlistor (smidig försvenskning där...) så tänkte jag att jag den här gången nog hade råd med en dyr musiktidning.

Q har bett artister/kändisar/tv-personligheter och annat intressant folk att kontribuera med 10 låtar var till listan. En del av dem har helt enkelt gett en playlist med 10 låtar (t.ex. Ian Rankin, Dave Gahan, Sophie Dahl, Daniel Radcliffe, Bruce Springsteen). Vissa med tema, t.ex. Disco Classics by Juliette Lewis, Songs About Space by Professor Brian Cox (fysiker), Guitar Heroes by Slash, Swedish Songs by Robyn, Punk Rock by Neil Gaiman, Classic Rock by Ozzy Osbourne ("Paranoid is a rock classic, even if I say so myself."), Party Starters by Black Eyed Peas' Fergie and ("People love to have amazing sex, and I guess sometimes they like to set themselves on fire while they're doing it.") och andra lika fantastiska idéer. Andra har valt 10 låtar av sina idoler, t.ex.:

Iggy Pop by Trainspotting Author Irvine Welsh
Queen by Mika
The Who by Alice Cooper
"I'd like to take all these wimpy little bands out today and say, Listen to this: it's what rock should sound like. You don't play rock from your brain, you play it from your crotch."
U2 by Amy Macdonald
"I got a note 'Come and say hallo to your fans'. It was signed by the whole of U2. I've got it framed at home."
Oasis by Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint
The Clash by Foo Fighters Guitarist Chris Shiflett
AC/DC by Stereophonics
osv osv...

[Aj om jag gör några Spotifylistor av de här nu? Nå va tror ni?!? ;) Det finns nog en överhängande risk att de kommer till bloggen småningom också...]

Vissa med längre motiveringar, förklaringar och stories än andra, som Why I Love The Smiths by Russell Brand

Plus I'm very fortunate in that I now know Morrissey. He refers to me as "a man with ringlets in his hair who wears make-up and has eye-gouging rings on each of his 12 fingers".

och Why I Love David Bowie by Ricky Gervais

I don't use this word very often, but he is a genious, and he's funny too: on his 57th birthday, I sent him an email and put something like, "Happy Birthday, isn't it time you got a proper job?" I signed it, Ricky Gervais, 42, comedian. He sent one back saying, "I have a proper job, David Bowie, 57, rock god."

Slutligen, låt nummer 1001 är "Q:s choice"; The One Track No Playlist Should Be Without.

The resulting song - a hymn to Transcendental Meditation disguised as teenage lust - shot to Number 1 in both the UK and the US and spurred John Lennon into making his own musical montage, Strawberry Fields Forever, paving the way for The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and every subsequent mad professor musical moment, from Lee "Scratch" Perry to Radiohead. There was nothing like it before; there's been nothing like it since.

Så? Take a wild guess! (Året är 1966.)

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