Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Ursula K. Le Guin

Mygosh hörni - den här intervjun!

Underbara Le Guin.

" So it’s just my general worry, about all women writers, including myself. We go along happily in our lifetime, and then, poof! All of a sudden we have to be dug out by feminists 50 years later. "

Det här är så sorgligt men sant. Det finns förresten en jäkligt bra lista på The Book Smugglers med 99 kvinnliga science fiction och fantasyförfattare. För folk tror ju fortfarande att kvinnor inte skriver SFF.

Om dystopier:

" There’ve been an awful lot of dystopias lately. You can open a book and say, “Oh no, not again! Here we go, stumbling across the country while things die around us.” It’s boring! "

FNISS. Jag gillar ju dystopier men.

Och så om hela Hugo Awards-spektaklet:

Were you surprised this controversy was even happening in 2015?
No, no, no. There are always these insecure white guys. I’m afraid they’re sort of a fact of life.


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