Monday, October 05, 2009

Blog Post of the Day

Youtube Comment of the Day
(till en Muse-video)

"I had a dream I kissed Matt Bellamy. =x Does this mean something? What should I tell my girlfriend? "

Quantum Mechanics Quote of the Day
(ur kapitlet med den ödmjuka titeln The State of the Universe (ur Roland Omnès bok The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics))

"Assume for definiteness that the universe had a beginning at some time 0."

Russell Brand Quote of the Day
(ur hans självbiografi My Booky Wook)

"We all have an essential self, but if you spend every day chopping up meat on a slab, and selling it by the pound, soon you'll find you've become a butcher. And if you don't want to become a butcher (and why would you?), you're going to have to cut right through to the bare bones of your own character in the hope of finding out who you really are. Which bloody hurts. "


Himmelske Danser said...

After I laughed for few min on the first quote, I was really impressed by Brand's I have something to think about, but I alredy feel good about being "a butcher" outside and inside =)

Fridolina said...

He is clever, my Russell ;)