Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hajpade böcker

"I suspect the Fifty Shades phenomenon tapped into a segment of readers who didn't know erotic writing existed. Or those readers who sniff at romance, but happily will lap up poorly written tripe if you slap monochrome cover art on it.

Which makes me sound snobby and elitist, but it's hard to keep a sense of humor about stuff like this when people either 1) Squee! about Fifty Shades, then look disdainfully at my Harlequin Romance or 2) Use Fifty Shades as an example for all of Romancelandia (See? This book sucks - ergo all romance novels must suck!)."

Wendy the Super Librarians inlägg om hajpade böcker.
Intressant fenomen det där. 

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