Monday, April 29, 2013

Delivering female empowerment

Hur bra är inte Call the Midwife?.

Ur en intervju med skådespelarna:

"And it’s clear that they think the show, though set more than half a century in the past, is more modern than much of the television fare that takes place today."

“The focus is the women and the work, the vocation, having a through-line with your life,” says Helen George. “It’s so nice to do a female-friendly show that isn’t about fighting over a man or whatever.”

“It’s very interesting seeing a show where none of the women are defined by their relationships with a man. That is unbelievably rare on television,” says Raine. “The amount of scripts I read where there are two women in the show and it’s a mother and a wife, it makes me really angry.” 

Veckans tips är alltså den här serien och så en massa te till.

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