Monday, July 20, 2009

"Can the behavior of an electron really depend upon whether or not it has been seen?"

Behöver Bra Playlist.

"I used to be a lap dog
Now I'm just a stray"

"And you were my husband
My wife, my heroin"

"For the chains of the sea
Will have busted in the night
And will be buried at the bottom of the ocean."

"First you try to fuck it, then you try to eat it
If it hasn't learned your name, you better kill it before they see it."

"He said Not all men are bad
And I am not like your dad,
And I will hold you even though you're slightly mad."


Himmelske Danser said...

The second one - my favority!(surprise) I just love how he pronounce it...♥
(I even opened a new page to copy this symbol - ♥) and esp. I like this version, with lead piano =)

Himmelske Danser said...

Jeez, now I can't stop listening to him...
"And your love has come too late..."♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Fridolina said...

Yes he is ♥.


I'm slowly starting to like more and more of his songs. (It's not only "My name is Tristan" anymore ;))

Himmelske Danser said...

Oh, really? I thought that you alredy like a lot of his songs... but then - Welcome to the club!=) he is good, he's strange anough for you I think =)