Saturday, May 05, 2012

All This Grace and Charm

Jag snubblade över en fin blogg. Tänkte länka till tre inlägg.
"In real life, there is no built-in infrastructure with social opportunities and enriching experiences for you to partake in at your leisure. You have to create it. And, it's work. (Gah, I know.)"

Läs 5 Things I know at 25

"We all know that taking a microscope to your expectations verses your reality is a dark place. A dark, dark place which requires expensive whiskey and folk music you don't even like.

You will find this shocking, but my reality isn't measuring up."

Läs också On Control, or My Lack-Thereof.

"I am a firm believer that Christmas ought to be accompanied by a stiff drink. Or, several. Whatever your particular situation calls for; my rule of thumb is to add one cocktail for every child under five years of age attending festivities and to add four for each relative spending more than one night in your home. Kidding. Mostly."

För bästa julstämningen, läs Infusing Christmas Vodka, lite off season kanske men det här är ju lätt att anpassa för egen smak och fest.

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