Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feminist Frequency

Apropå förra inlägget så har Feminist Frequency (en youtube-kanal) gjort en bra video om Bechdeltestet. Den är ganska känd så ni har kanske sett den. Jag har säkert bloggat om den. Tänkte rekommendera en annan grej från Feminist Frequency. Miniserien Tropes vs. Women består av 6 videor som alla diskuterar olika klichéer i hur kvinnor framställs i populärkultur. Väldigt sevärda alla 6! Här är två av dem:

"The Smurfette Principle is the tendency for works of fiction to have exactly one female amongst an ensemble of male characters, in spite of the fact that roughly half of the human race is female. Unless a show is purposefully aimed at a female viewing audience, the main characters will tend to be disproportionately male." - TV Tropes

"In television and movies the straw feminist works by deliberately creating an exaggerated character of a feminist, which writers then fill with a bunch of oversimplifications, misrepresentations and stereotypes to try to make it easy to discredit or delegitimize feminism. The goal is to make feminists an our movements look completely ridiculous, over the top, and unnecessary." - Feminist Frequency

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