Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let it Shine

"Goodnight, Sof," he said after she'd stepped out and shut the door, quietly so as not to draw too much attention. "If I had to get chased by an angry racist mob, I'm glad it was with you." She let out a shocked laugh, and slammed her hand over her mouth.

Aaah - omg den här novellen! Cole lyckas med det svåra: en trovärdig kärlekshistoria i novellängd. Dessutom lyckas hon placera den här söta och charmiga kärlekshistorien mitt i våldet och hatet runt medborgarrättsrörelsen i USA

Och som i all bra romance så räddar hjältinnan sig själv.

"And what if you get hurt?" David asked.
"What if I do?" Sofie asked. "It's the chance we all take. You just sent me up here because you thought it would be funny. Because I'm so sweet." She laughed bitterly then, and if anyone had been under that impression, they were surely changing their minds now. "The bottom line is I'm one of the best-qualified people to do this sit-in. I'm young, photogenic, and I've been quietly suffering fools for most of my life. I can do this."
"Girl, I just knew there was more to you than that Miss Prim and Proper," Henrietta said with a relieved sigh. "Sometimes you just got that little extra edge in your voice, and I knew it couldn't be gas all the time."

Förresten: Cole har också skrivit Radio Silence som jag gillade.

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