Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lady Susan

Åååh, Kate Beckinsale som Lady Susan!!!

Nittonåriga (!) Jane Austen skrev den här kortromanen om en 35-årig änka med total brist på moral, samvete och andra begränsande egenskaper. LÄS!


Himmelske Danser said...

Oh, she is amazing! :D I mean, they both are: Jane and Kate.
"I know him well. I will never speak to a stanger like that!" (c)
I want to see it, like, right now!

PS I had to prove I am not a robot before publishin this comment. And I think I may have lied answering that question... O_o

Fridolina said...

Yes it looks so promising!

Hehe, the robot test IS tricky ;)

Himmelske Danser said...

When is it out, do you know? :)

Fridolina said...

I didn't see a Finnish date at all but I just checked imdb and it seems like September in Sweden! :)