Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sympathetic magic

"Most reviewers have been extremely careful about not revealing Queenie's real name. This is incredibly touching to me, because the name itself isn't a spoiler. It feels like sympathetic magic - almost as if by, protecting her identity, you are declaring your allegiance to her - as though she were a real person. It awes me that people feel so strongly about this."

Elizabeth Wein i en intervju hos The Bookbag

Q. Does it bother you at all when people refer to Hazel as Hazel Grace? It feels like only Augustus should be allowed to call her that.
A. The first time I read on tumblr someone say that only Gus should be allowed to call her Hazel Grace, I literally burst into tears*. I still can’t believe how generously readers have responded to the novel and its characters, and how lovingly they’ve treated Hazel and Gus.
* Total misuse of literality, as nothing in or on me burst in any way. I just started crying.

John Green svarar på frågor - med spoilers - på

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