Friday, January 07, 2011

Ska bara läsa de jag har i bokhyllan först...

Jag var till Pocket Shop och Akademen och tittade på böcker. Köpte inga. Bland annat de här ville jag köpa:

The Help, Kathryn Stockett. "It was Jackson, Mississippi, 1962. Black maids raise white children, but aren't trusted not to steal the silver."

De här två:

(Som jag har. Båda två, i andra tråkiga omslag.) 

Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks, John Curran. "A fascinating exploration of the contents of Agatha Christie's 73 recently discovered notebooks, including illustrations, deleted extracts, and two unpublished Poirot stories."

Moll Flanders, Daniel Defoe. "These are the fortunes and misfortunes of Moll Flanders: born in Newgate Prison, twelve years a prostitute, five times a wife (once to her own brother), twelve years a thief and eight years a transported felon in Her Majesty's colony of Virginia."

Och på min önskelista på adlibris hittar vi:

Överenskommelser, Simona Ahrnstedt

Flowers in the Attic, V.C.Andrews

Too Close to Home, Linwood Barclay

My Booky Wook, Russell Brand

Hold Tight, Harlan Coben

The Physicists: A Comedy in Two Acts, Friedrich Durrenmatt

Looking for Alaska, John Green

The Killing Circle, Andrew Pyper

Martin Bircks ungdom, Hjalmar Söderberg

Bokbloggar jag läser för att få bra tips är Book Cover Girl, Bokbabbel, och Bokhora. Men egentligen kanske inte Bokhora så mycket mer nu när Helena har slutat. Som tur är har hon börjat med en ny blogg!


Martin said...

Man blev ju nog lite intresserad av den där "scarlet letter"-boken tack vare filmen.

Fridolina said...

Jo! Och av filmen, den där gamla! Eller, egentligen nog Demi Moore versionen också, hehe.

Himmelske Danser said...

Dude, you have to stop it! my "wish" list on adlibris is too long already =) Now I want to read Moll Flanders "I saw the movie btw - really good one"

Himmelske Danser said...

and of course - cover for Jane Eyre is great. Not my favorite book but cover is definitely rulez ;)

Fridolina said...

Yes I know. Mine has already doubled since I wrote this!! :/ Mmhm! Easy A was great! I knew you would like it!
I haven't read Jane Eyre. And I think it's partly because the cover of MY book is sooooo boring, if I'd have this one I'd probably had read it ages ago!! :) There's also Bronte and Austen in the same series:
Catherine looks so scary I don't know if I like that one! And Heathcliff looks VERY Edward!! ;)

Himmelske Danser said...

No, I haven't seen Easy A yet though I really want to! I mean - Moll Flanders, quite an old movie, 90-s, was a good one. It is like tv-serial, maybe 3 or 4 episods.
Jane Eyre is a nice book, but sometimes too unfair, I just couldn't stand it! I felt so sorry for her and really hated other heros. I like Osten because her heroine are smart and actually quite lucky. And I like someone like Catharine who will die but fight for love. But Jane or more Tess D'urbervilles are just sad. And their men just loosers.
heheh, Heathcliff looks it about Edward look or it's just Heathcliff? (Jeez, how can you remember how to write his name in english)

Fridolina said...

Oh, actually I thought you meant that one first but then I changed my mind! ;) Ok, I don't know this one, obviously ;) Wanna see it! Or read first perhaps.

Austen's heroines all get what they want, and deserve! Which is why I love her so! ;) And I agree on Catherine too! I don't necessarily need happy endings, it just has to be ... fair. In some way. And when the heroine gets treated badly she should at least be angry about it, that's all I'm asking for ;)

Mmhm! HE looks charming on this cover, not she, at all. Well, Heathcliff is Heathcliff in Swedish too! Easy for us, I know ;)