Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Jag läser (underbara!) The Wee Free Men av Terry Pratchett nu. Här är några citat från när lilla Tiffany försöker övertala Miss Tick om att hon har häxgener i släkten.

'I think my grandmother was slightly a witch,' she said, with a touch of pride. 
'Really? How do you know?'

'And she talked to her dogs.'
'And what kind of things did she say to them?' said Miss Tick.'
'Oh, things like come by and away to me and that'll do,' said Tiffany. 'They always did what she told them.'
'But those are just sheepdog commands,' said Miss Tick, dismissively. 'That's not exactly witchcraft.'

'She could cure anything. My father said she could make a shepherd's pie stand up and baa.' Tiffany lowered her voice. 'She could bring lambs back to life...'

Återupplivat många lamm på sistone, mamma? Pratat mycket med hundarna?

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