Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 06: The most played song in your ipod

Of all time. Plug In Baby, Muse. Den funkar liksom alltid.

Muse – Plug In Baby

Bland de mest spelade finns också de här:
 Volbeat – The Garden's Tale
 Fall Out Boy – 27
 Volbeat – Radio Girl
 Muse – The Small Print
 Volbeat – Soulweeper #2
 Pixies – Allison


Himmelske Danser said...

Oooo, interesting =)
And I can say that lately Volbeat and Soulweeper#2 definitely close to be "the most" in my ipod =)
Good old days, I remember "old lady's voice" how we were listening to it non-stop in your headphones when I first time came to Helsinki! ;)

Fridolina said...

Oh yeah... I remember when we "discovered" it, kind of sad night in a way, but still sweet, so soulweeper was perfect!! ;)