Friday, May 20, 2011

Enkel smak

Jag har ganska enkel smak när det kommer till tatueringar. Jag är inte långa komplicerade betydelser och djupa meningar utan mer sådär "Det här är ett hjärta och det betyder kärlek. Punkt.". Mer why not? än why?. Jag gillar blommor, så det blir säkert en sådan någon gång. Blommor för mig symboliserar skönhet och förgänglighet. Everything is temporary. Också tatueringar.


Always be a lady.

Några trender jag lagt märke till; braille, fåglar, ugglor, fötter och revben.


Himmelske Danser said...

Oh, you are giving me a hard time right now! Now I want my own tattoo even more... I don't even need to think of what where I want. Dabooo...
Well, going back to you. Flowers rules anytime, it can be anything and means anything just to find a right one =) I really like the one woth love in the braille language, I think it's awesome!
Quotes are great stuff for tattoos also, but I think we talked about it a lot - it's hardest thing to decide for.
I still like our idea about notes from the favorite song though, do you remember? Well, still a question - vilket låten?
But what do you think about people, friends, are getting the same tattoos?
"omg now I feel if I won't listen to Muse right now I'll dead! interesting..."

Fridolina said...

Heheheee ;) I know!! I can't wait anymore! Yeah flowers, definitely. Braille is cool but it seems to get more and more popular and I'm afraid soon it'll be like the chinese letters - everyone has them..;) I'm thinking about notes too! I do have two alternatives, that I think I'll always be happy with...;) Getting matching tattoos is nice I think, maybe not exactly the same, but on the same theme.