Saturday, May 28, 2011

fridoliinas senaste spotifylista:

Blueberry Chocolate

My Goodness, Carpark North och Anna Calvi som jag lyssnat på på sistone. The National och Mumford & Sons som Olya lyssnat på på sistone. Och så Muse förstås. Ett smakprov:

Facebook undrade om jag saknar The White Stripes och tyckte att jag skulle lyssna på My Goodness. Okej.

Olya tyckte jag skulle lyssna på Mumford & Sons...

...och nu kan jag inte sluta.

Den här har bara en kommentar på youtube, och den instämmer jag fullständigt i. "THANK YOU<3"


Himmelske Danser said...

I guess you know that I'm happy that you like M&S! =) Though maybe it's wrong because thay won't be there =(
And, in return, have something for Carpark North. Srsly! "I just have to stop listening for two big The in my life now - The Smiths and The Clash" =)
And Muse... well, what can I say... THANK YOU!
"once I thought you maybe need to listen to Muse, muhahahahaha"

Himmelske Danser said...


Fridolina said...


Well to be honest - it's only the Human songs I've been listening to - nothing else seems to catch me..;)

The problem is you never stop listening to them. Trust me! ;)