Friday, October 07, 2011


Hur mycket jag än uppskattar att få tips om bra romance från Smart Bitches så måste jag nog medge att det är de dåliga recensionerna jag tycker allra mest om.

"The weakness is that it’s an awfully fine line between retro pulp genius and bad pulp garbage and Sparks crosses that line spectacularly with a god-awful sex scene in Chapter Twenty-Two and never fully recovers."

"People, her breasts heave. Really, that’s the phrase: “her heaving breasts”. Then, and it pains me to tell you this, Appleton continues on to compare the hero’s penis to a joystick. A WHAT? That is not erotic! It doesn’t even make sense when describing the action being described! You don’t (usually) insert a joystick into anything! I’d quote the whole sentence, but I can’t, because my mother might read this review (Hi, Mom!) and I’d scar her for life, and possibly permanently damage the sex lives of the more fragile of our readers."

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