Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Coffee break reading

Eller te eller champagne eller vodka eller hurdan dag du nu råkar ha. Jag tänkte tipsa om två artiklar som båda spoke to me on a deep level.

Book Smugglers twittrade om den här essän, som ursprungligen var ett tal, av Claire Vaye Watkins: 

" As a young woman I had one and only one intense and ceaseless pastime, though that’s not the right word, though neither is hobby or passion. I have practiced this activity with religious devotion and for longer than I can remember. I have been trying to give it up recently, since moving away from Bedford Falls, since around the time my daughter was born. But nearly all of my life has been arranged around this activity. I’ve filled my days doing this, spent all my free time and a great amount of time that was not free doing it. That hobby, that interest, that passion was this: watching boys do stuff. "

Claire Vaye Watkins, On Pandering

Hjärtskärande och insiktsfullt eller som man brukar säga: THIS.

Och så, on a more cheerful note: VICTORIAN NIPPLE PIERCINGS.

" The point is that Jules Orme’s letter opened up not only a world of Victoriana that includes the concept of getting nipples pierced, but a world where these things are common, well understood practices that elicit some indignation, but not much more than you’d get today from your conservative uncle who reminds you that your tattoos might look gross when you’re 80. (Or maybe when you’re 80 we’ll live in a world where your value isn’t determined by your appearance. Or you could get some clock tattoos and they’ll sag like Salvador Dali paintings. Back to the article.) "

Holy hell.


Marie said...

Ja herregud på det första citatet. Det har stannat kvar med mig sen jag först läste inlägget, så jag tänkte att jag måste lämna ett bomärke här!

Fridolina said...

Ja visst är det en ganska brutal sanning hon levererar!